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Love this place....was a little scared when I went in...not sure what they would say or if there was anything they could do...tested my hearing and gave me some excellent news and information....will be going back
Tracey Mill, on Google+
Took my Father in Law for a hearing appointment. The staff was courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. Really sweet people. I liked this place.a
Paula Black, on Google+
Not to go into too much detail I purchased my hearing aids from a different provider and was going through the process of adjustments and was getting very frustrated when I met Dr. Rebecca Brashears. The most wonderful thing about Rebecca is she doesn't just fit or adjust your hearing aids, she educates you! From the process of hearing loss to the many hearing aid options and adjustments that can be made to them, she makes sure you understand. She has such a bubbly, positive personality and is such a pleasure to work with that I would definitely recommend her to my family, friends or anyone!!
Marty Poe, on Google+
This review is from my grandmother Paula Peyton: "I am very very pleased with my experience. I absolutely love my hearing aid from Starkey. The service and care that I got from Dr. Brashears was outstanding. She is a phenomenal woman and cares so deeply about her patients. I would definitely recommend Ascent Audiology and Hearing to is such a wonderful place."
Sarah Smith, on Google+
I had been having difficulty with my hearing for many years but was too vain, skeptical and sure I couldn’t afford them to do anything about the problem. I thought that as long as I could “manage” that everything would be ok. Turns out I was wrong on all counts. My family became frustrated at repeating everything and the TV volume became an issue. I didn’t know how to respond to many conversations I was missing out on. When I received a letter in the mail inviting me in to Acent Audiology for a screening, I decided to go, just out of curiosity, for future reference. I was greeted by a warm and friendly staff, and had only a short wait before being taken back to a fully equipped testing room, complete with a “sound booth”. I’m so glad my husband went back with me. He was able to hear and see the mistakes I made during the sound and word check. Between the easy to read graph that Dr. Brashears displayed on the tv monitor for us to see and my husband’s firsthand experience with my problem, I was convinced that help was immediately necessary. But price and vanity were still real issues! Dr. Brashears showed me the tiniest set of cute little gold hearing aids I’d ever seen. They even matched my hair color! She was able to adjust them to my needs so that I could hear the benefits immediately. The final clincher was when she told me she had one on! I had NO idea because it just wasn’t visible! I was sold! But how to pay for it??!! The Lord knew how much I needed these little jewels because the financing they offer went like a breeze, 18 months, same as cash! I was able to walk out with my pair that same day! I count Dr. Brashears a friend now as well as my very professional audiologist! On my follow up visits she was able to adjust the sounds and volume to meet my needs. She didn’t just hang a microphone in my ear! On one visit she even walked up and down the sidewalk to see if the back round noise level was suitable for me! That’s a true friend!
ann newberry, on Google+

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